Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dirty Dingo

I had this fucking stupid idea. I just watched some Russel Brand thing (and I almost wrote - "on the telly") on YouTube. I saw it on the post of some random G+ guy and clicked it half randomly. The trailer looked like an add for Morrowind (a game played years ago), but it just seemed a bit different. Let me put this into perspective.... I played a game years ago. Even though there have been several incarnations of the theme music, this one has a particular resonance with some / brain twisted / mind drunk / pot smoked / 3am distortion of reality... made my bosoms swell with affection. I looked clearer into the screen, I began to notice how cleverly they had constructed the video. The intricate subtlety of the camera distance until you notice the crashing of the waves in the background. When I realized how in trance I was to the ADVERTISEMENT and realized I was watching a commercial for the Skywind mod.. not even some ad to sell me tampons or face cream or the time it finished I felt like the intro music for the video I went to watch was an ad. I clicked close immediately. I had to go back into my history to find it again after realizing what I'd done. Then I watched this really rad video with some dude in a chair with a computer and a camera rattled on about some dick TV guy in America. Cut to the AmericaFyeah guy and he's defending himself against the guy at home, who looks stoned, on the wagon... Even though he has a specific accent, in so many ways he sounds a lot like you and me. It sounds something like: "So, you see this TV guy? I reckon he's full of shit. Listen to him blab on, in an interview, where he's interviewing the other guy he's asked to be on the show and not letting him answer. He just blabs on and gets angry when he doesn't get a one word answer,". Of course, I'm paraphrasing. I just want you to see how it helped my frame of mind. I'm not quoting an actual story verbatim. Go watch the video. So there's this douche, then another even bigger douche; battling it out in this media manipulation frenzy. There's another point. This YouTube video. It's also cut together. Russel Brand appears to be all spontaneous and natural, but there are obvious cuts. He has video spliced together and stopped at the most opportunistic moments... it's totally manipulative. My only problem with it was they did not satire this to the extent that the manipulation was transparent, in itself mocking the very video it was in response to. The whole experience was rather eye opening. I have never watched the whole ad. not even for movies. Skip it like its a hard baseball getting smashed in your face. I watched the ad and skipped the video. I went back and was inspired to write on this blog. The media is full of shit. I don't want to wave a flag of bullshit and make much more claim than that. There's is no denying that the news exists because the more people watch it, the more ads they'll see so get more advertisers to pay for our existence because we need to spin some shit to all the bitches that need to watch this. I have no idea how that last sentence worked. It might not seem like it at first but go back and see. Readosaphif, true, I'm telling you: They be making shit up half the time to sell you some cream, or ointment, for pimples and shit. Viva la revolution! Brand may have the fortune to be known and pretty enough to have some (p)recomposed exposure. But the idea of sitting back in your house and spewing awesome out to the internet. Getting exposure for putting a pompous ass in his place - and the worst of all - presenting an opinion that is more tolerant to ALL the victims rather than bigoted, yet more considerate to the innocence on both sides of the issue. More videos. More articles. I'm not specifically meaning Brand. I mean everywhere. I'd rather see journo's and vloggers accomplish more because they're telling not selling. I appreciate tech reviews; but they're not contributing to the world beyond helping perpetuate stronger consumerism. I've seen a bunch with young kids who just talk about their day, but they have cool hair or cleavage. These kids get thousands upon thousands of viewers. For just talking shit. There's the popularity contest combined with the sales market. Honestly, I KNOW, there's a whole bunch of people out there who can see this!!! Rise. We need more people, intellectually, IN YOUR FACE! It's not global warming you need to worry about, it's you local news station. They want bucks - but i want to FUCK... THAT! TV shits on people. The internet shits back. I'll start blogging. ***** P.S The intention of this article was to write about "Dirty Dingo". It was an idea I had to make a bogus news website where they just made shit up. I was going to lead with: Local Man Explodes Local Dominoes When local man asked why he blew up the local establishment he replied; "It's the one I liked the most. Everybody loves it. It's the best fast food place in my town. Of course I had to blow it up. Otherwise nobody would notice." One by one these terrorists will fall.